Friday, 22 September 2017

Where's my Pulse?

This week in Connected Learning, Year 4 learnt about the cardivascular system. We learnt how the heart pumps blood around the body and that when you use your muscles your heart needs to send more oxygen to them through your blood. We planned a practical investigation to learn more about our heartbeat. 

Today, to see how it all works together, we went outside and completed a number of different physical tasks: running, jumping, stretching, sit ups and a bunch more. 

We ensured we had a fair test planned and after each activity we measured our pulse to see how fast our heart was beating. We also made notes on he we felt and what we observed about our bodies.

This investigation was a great introduction to the scientific method and the importance of fair testing. 
It was also great fun getting out of the classroom and doing some learning outside!

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