Home learning Grid for Term 3

Extreme Earth and
When Dinosaurs Ruled the World

Instructions and Expectations
·      Please try to complete at least 1 activity per week until the 22nd June
·      On completion of any activity, please bring it in to share with your class and teacher.
Word Smart
Maths, Science and ICT Smart
Art and DT Smart
Write a Top Ten Fact sheet about Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis.
Make your own sugar crystals.
Click on the link here

Design & make your own volcano model, or a cityscape destroyed by an earthquake.
Create a word search or a cross word with the names of famous volcanoes.
Build your own virtual volcano and watch it erupt. Click here.
Design a safety poster on what to do in an earthquake.

Write an acrostic poem using a word from either topic such as; volcano, tsunami, tremor, eruption, fossil, extinct, etc.
Dino Dig
Enter coordinates in a grid and see if you can unearth some dinosaurs here.
Create an Extreme Earth board game. Base it on a game that you already know such as Snakes and Ladders or Monopoly.
Write a story about being trapped in an earthquake. How would you feel? What would you see? What would you do? How would you react? How do you get free?
Palaeontology Paradise
Try out some of the games and activities on this website here.
Use your measuring skills and make a “Layers of the Earth” cake. Instructions here.
Please get an adult to help you and don’t forget to bring some in for your teachers!
Imagine dinosaurs still ruled the world. Write a recount of what your daily life would be like.
Prehistoric Minecraft
Try to create your favourite dinosaur in Minecraft or even a whole from the Jurassic era.
Pop Up Pterodactyl
Follow this link to create this cool pop up card. Write a few facts about these prehistoric flying lizards and colour it nicely. Can you make any more popup dinosaurs?
Try to write a haiku about the Term 3 topics.
Click on the link for some examples of Haikus.   LINK
More Dinosaur Games and Quizzes
Try out some more cool games here and don’t forget to tell us about them
Milk Jug Dinosaur
See if you can get your parent or carer to help you design a cool milk jug skull like the one in the link here.

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